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Ressources: Vie scolaire, école, fournitures et cantines scolaires

Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/18/23

The AATF has curated thousands of resources for “School/l’École” for use in your units, discussions, activities, etc. If you have a curricular (or authentic) resource to share, please upload to our shared resource site. Contact Catherine Ousselin to add collaborate on our curated resource platforms.

Pinterest: Éducation et vie scolaire

Pinterest: L’Éducation pour toutes et tous | Diigo search: Droits_école

Diigo search: École |  Vie scolaire | Cantines scolaires

Google Albums: Vie scolaire (add or download teacher-taken pictures)

YouTube: Fournitures scolaires et rentrées francophones

YouTube: Vie scolaire aux écoles francophones

YouTube: Rentrées scolaires mondiales

YouTube: Restaurants/cantines scolaires

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