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Identities | Identités Experiences | Expériences Equity & Equality | Équité et égalité Conflict | Conflits Globalization | Mondialisation Diversity | Diversité Privilege | Privilège Marginalization | Marginalisation Gender | Genre Identity | Identité Values | Valeurs Oppression | Oppression Pays francophones chaque semaine Posted by: Bryce Williamson

This is an enormous powerpoint & resource list with most francophone countries / overseas departments/territories. I [...]

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Olympics Unboxing Video Project Posted by: Kylene Butler

Google Folder with all materials Students will imagine that they have been chosen to volunteer for [...]

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Interpersonal Speaking: Sondage sur les Loisirs Posted by: Emily Delehanty

Interpersonal speaking aide with images to practice loisirs and adverbes of frequency in Novice Low/Mid Low/French [...]

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Social organization | Organisation sociale Jeux Olympiques in 7 days Posted by: Stephanie Bosco

Les Jeux Olympiques share – Chat mat, survey, info gap, and more. The outline and slides [...]

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Chansons pour le passé composé/imparfait/passé simple Posted by: Catherine Ousselin

AATF YouTube Playlist: Chansons – Passé composé, imparfait, passé simple The AATF’s YouTube “Past tense” playlist [...]

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Sharing the planet | Partage de la planète Close Reading of Le Parisien video on JO Paris 2024 – La Seine Posted by: Jennifer Dow

This is a close reading/listening of a short news segment on the state of the Seine [...]

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Identities | Identités Canva Multimedia:Torch Relay JO 2024 Posted by: Cindy Mollard

Interpretive Listening & Reading Torch relay route and relay participants Laure Manaudou and Soprano Multimedia Canva [...]

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Identities | Identités Identity | Identité Influence | Influence L’identité & La Communauté: Les styles vestimentaires autour du monde francophone Posted by: Catherine Ousselin

Novice Mid/High: Qu’est-ce qu’on porte autour du monde francophone? Introduction/Essential Questions – This unit is connected to [...]

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Identities | Identités Diversity | Diversité Novice Interpersonal: Mes préférences & les couleurs Posted by: Mme Regina Dee

French 1 Lesson – Ma Couleur Favorite Mt. Vernon High = Mount Evergreen High School Objective: [...]

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Equity & Equality | Équité et égalité Diversity | Diversité FRENCH and ASL NUMBER COUNTOFF CARDS Posted by: Tess Floch

We will count off everyday in French along with French vocabulary and ASL related to a [...]

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