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Novice Interpersonal: Mes préférences & les couleurs

Posted by: Mme Regina Dee

French 1 Lesson – Ma Couleur Favorite

Mt. Vernon High = Mount Evergreen High School

Objective: Students will be able to state their favorite color within the FCPS Program of studies POS unit of “About Me” containing personal “Likes and Dislikes”.

After discussing the weekend (Monday or Friday) or Wednesday’s “I see I think I wonder” or a song

Students will review things that they have already said that they like” J’adore”, “J’aime ……” , or hate “Je déteste…”.

Vocabulary Introduction: Quizlet vocabulary list of colors – Quizlet -Les couleurs    

Students write in English about their favorite color. They are preparing to answer the question

“Quelle couleur aimes-tu ?”

“J’aime la couleur …. ( See Worksheet File, Ma Couleur Favorite)

Chanson- Les Couleurs :

Student exchange of answers, Quiz preparation : Couleurs et Catégories (See file)

Chanson, Numbers review, Quantities category – , de Manie musical 2023

Quiz on Colors & Categories at the end of the next review lesson.

Many colonists of the Americas were French. Therefore, many Americans have some French ancestry, including me. These lessons reflect how I integrate my heritage and current French  and Francophone friends, colleagues and acquaintances into my lessons.

Also, since I have been Working at Mt. Vernon High in Virginia since 2008 I have found interesting facts about the area which are also integrated into my instruction.

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