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L’identité & La Communauté: Les styles vestimentaires autour du monde francophone

Posted by: Catherine Ousselin

Novice Mid/High: Qu’est-ce qu’on porte autour du monde francophone?

Introduction/Essential Questions – This unit is connected to “Et si on allait au Carnaval de Québec”to discuss what clothing we would need to pack for a winter trip. The focus then becomes: What do people wear around the world for different seasons, activities, and events?

Hook/Engagement/Picture Talk: Using whiteboard (or other), students will write which style they think is portrayed in each picture. There are many more styles than listed. Add your own! Introduce clothing words, colors, patterns, tissues, events, activities while students provide basic input: What style is shown? These pictures will be used in the “Encan silencieux” reading activity below.

Interpretive Reading (non-authentic): Qu’est-ce qu’on porte autour du monde francophone?  Encan silencieux/silent auction. Print out 1 set of the pictures from this presentation in color (or modify for electronic activity). Print out the written descriptions for each student. NB: There are distractor pictures to encourage close reading.

Pre-reading & Activity

  1. Students will read through the descriptions for basic comprehension. Confirm unknown words with partners or teacher.
  2. Cut out the strips of paper and write first/last name on the BACK of each paper.
  3. Place the pictures around the class. Students will put their slips of paper, name facing UP by the picture they think matches.
  4. During a break or after class, mark each correct paper with a check and pass the papers back to the students.
  5. Glue/tape the descriptions in notebooks with space between the papers. Students will write out what they understand from each description. Encourage at least 3-4 sentences/description.

Interpersonal speaking: Garde tes cailloux! Give each students 5 tokens/pebbles. Form groups of 4-5. Using white boards or paper, students will write the sentence starter and choose 1 answer to finish. No peeking at partners’ answers. On the count of three, students turn their white boards and read one at a time their answers. If everyone matches, everyone keeps their cailloux. Non-matching answers = loose a caillou to the middle of the table. If 2 match, they can keep them. Students with the most cailloux at the end of the game win!

Interpersonal speaking: Information gap & Running dictation – These use the same clothing descriptions/phrases , but are designed for different class personalities.

Interpretive Listening – AudioLingua: Ma tenue préférée – Basic Level  | Challenge Level

Interpretive Reading – Phosophore:Comment j’ai trouvé mon style” & IPA-Light Activity Students do NOT complete all 9 people unless you have a long term project. Original article: 15 septembre 2019

Presentational Writing: Mes styles vestimentaires / Comment j’ai trouvé mon style: Sentence frames for students to write a basic paragraph about their clothing preferences for activities, seasons, and situations.

Instagram post template: Make a copy for your files. Students add pictures of what they presented in their writing and a personal picture of them in their favorite clothing.Thank you, Meredith White!

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