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Interpretive Reading: Autour du monde francophone – Les tenues et les situations

Posted by: Catherine Ousselin

C’est une activité “encan silencieux/silent auction” pour les débutants (Novice Mid) avec des descriptions personnelles des Francophones et leurs tenues.


  1. Activité d’introduction: Garde tes cailloux
  2. Activité 2: Imprimez une copie de ce document pour chaque apprenant.e
  3. Imprimez ces photos (1-20) en couleurs sur du papier carton (ou pas!)

Activités: Mode d’emploi

Objectif: Students will read descriptions of Francophones and match them to pictures of people posted around the room/on desks, etc. The clothing and Francophones are inclusive and diverse.

  1. Activité d’introduction: Garde tes cailloux! (Interpersonal speaking)
    1. Pass out 7 pebbles, tokens, etc.
    2. In their notebooks/paper, students will quietly write down their choice of clothing for each situation (7 total situations).
    3. Group students in 3-4 and ask them to read their statements for each picture.
    4. If the whole group matches for each picture, they all keep their pebbles. If someone differs, they loose a pebble. If everyone has a different answer, they all loose t 1 pebble.
  2. Activité 2: Autour de la mode francophone
    1. Before students cut out the descriptions, use a “Turn and Talk” strategie for each description. Students can confirm their comprehension or ask questions about the descriptions.
    2. Students cut out 9 descriptions and write their names on the back side.
    3. Each description has a distractor that is designed encourage the students to read carefully.
    4. Place the pictures (not in order) around the classroom. It works best if the pictures are on tables/desks.
    5. Students will walk around the room and place their description strips (face down/name up) next to the picture they think matches. Face down prevents students from copying each other. This can be done in groups of two or silently (encan silencieux) to encourage independant thinking.
    6. Allow 7-8 minutes to complete the distribution of strips. Students return to their desks.
    7. Paper clip the strips to the pictures in order to check the accuracy.
    8. I mark each strip with a check (correct) or an “x” and return all 9 strips to students (in a clipped packet) the next class.
    9. Follow up: Students paste the descriptions in the notebooks and write what they understand under each strip.
    10. Follow up 2: Show the presentation and ask students to read the correct strip to their partners.
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