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Diversity | Diversité Authentic Resources: Senegal Posted by: Sarah Moghtader

While it is challenging to find authentic resources online from free sites, there are even more [...]

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Diversity | Diversité Manie Musicale Novice Unit Posted by: Michelle Fournier

This is a completely articulated unit to accompany the Manie Musicale competition.  It is based on [...]

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Equity & Equality | Équité et égalité Conflict | Conflits Diversity | Diversité Privilege | Privilège Marginalization | Marginalisation Gender | Genre Identity | Identité Beliefs | Croyances Interpretive Reading: La Discrimination (Infographie) Posted by: Laura Marie

This is an infographic on the theme of discrimination. The infographic comes from “La Ligue contre [...]

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Diversity | Diversité Heroes Unit: Novice High Posted by: Sarah Moghtader

This is a unit on Heroes for Novice-High French 1 students Essential Questions: Who is a [...]

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Identities | Identités Diversity | Diversité Beliefs | Croyances Values | Valeurs Noël et la laïcité en France Posted by: Catherine Ousselin   |   31/14/23

Pear Deck/Google Slides lesson – Make a copy for your Drive. This activity was originally shared [...]

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Experiences | Expériences Diversity | Diversité Les Superstitions du Monde: Interpretive Reading Posted by: Jessie Drumm

An activity to use on or around Friday the 13th to discuss cultural differences surrounding superstitions [...]

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Equity & Equality | Équité et égalité Diversity | Diversité Identity | Identité What do I have in common with a francophone person? Posted by: Cécile Lainé

Enduring Understandings French is spoken across the world due to France’s history of colonization. A Francophone [...]

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Equity & Equality | Équité et égalité Globalization | Mondialisation Diversity | Diversité Marginalization | Marginalisation Migrants – Short film Posted by: Stephanie Segretto   |   31/28/22

Short film/Court-métrage From the You Tube Description: “A stellar student film from 5 young creatives out [...]

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